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Government Complex, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia

About us



Based in St. Lucia and London, m|d:a has associate firms in Antigua, Guadeloupe, and Trinidad, with projects on 4 continents -  
The partners at m|d:a have designed competition and award winning public buildings both in St. Lucia & the UK, and m|d:a has worked on projects throughout the Eastern Caribbean as well as in Corsica, Cyprus, the Middle East, and China, as well as the UK. establishing a reputation for providing imaginative and working solutions to meet the needs of both clients and users.


Environmentally sensitive architecture is ingrained in the design philosophy at m|d:a– this is both in terms of enhancing the surrounding context as well as reducing consumption of energy & resources. Architecture, as the salient interactive component of the built environment has a responsibility for the enhancement of daily life, requiring careful thought and integration into its contextual environment – be it greenfield or urban. 

As the major consumer of raw material and energy, Architecture has a responsibility to the natural environment - embracing energy saving techniques in design and technology and utilising sustainably sourced materials where applicable, benefits not only the environment, but in saving on lifetime running costs of the building benefits the client. 


m|d:a has established a reputation for its creativity and exploration of workable sustainable solutions. The firm has embraced technology to enable it to enable early assessment of options, specialised analysis, and ability deliver, and long term and repeat clients are an attestation to the quality of service, dedication and the working process at m|d:a


m|d:a includes in its portfolio a diverse range of projects from bespoke residential designs to large scale resort masterplans and designs, commercial headquarters, and retail projects and has been part of the design team for significant regional projects including the planning and design of the OECS Halls of Justice complexes in nine OECS member states, and on the team short listed for the Grenada House of Parliament amongst others.


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Sean Compton
Partner in Charge Caribbean

Tel: +1 (758) 713-2060

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Pani Patsalos
Partner in Charge UK
Tel: ‭+44 7834 550-304‬

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